“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.


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Coalition Caledon Cheltenham Badlands
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August 20, 2015: Badlands Update

Have you seen the fence erected on Olde Base Line Road by the Cheltenham Badlands? 

This fence is just a temporary measure, until the Niagara Escarpment Commission hearing is held February 2016, and if our citizen’s group loses - the $1 million 33 car/2 bus parking lot will be built, using landfill which will be dumped onto part of the "Area of Natural and Scientific Interest" as identified by the Province.

Our Citizens’ group hopes to raise funds through “Go Fund Me”. Visit www.gofundme.com/cheltenhambadlands It is an easy way to donate, using a credit card.  Go Fund Me is supported by Pay Pal a secure sight that has been in existence for about 10 years. All funds raised will go directly to pay legal costs, along with the hiring of experts from the appropriate designations, all this, in order to dispute the NEC "Staff Report" which gave 'Conditional Approval' to the parking lot plan. Our small group of local residents has hired a lawyer to represent its cause and has spent  $17,000.00 to date in preparation for the hearing scheduled February 2016. "Friends of the Cheltenham Badlands" is not registered as a charitable entity, and cannot issue tax receipts.

If 16,000 Concerned Citizens donate $5.00 we can reach our $80,000 goal easily, as the estimated bill will be between 50 to 80 thousand dollars . Olde Base Line is an important arterial road for all residents living north of the escarpment, and the only road used to provide First Response Services to areas west to Winston Churchill and North to Escarpment Sideroad. Residents living in this area North of Olde Baseline,  should be aware that fire service comes from INGLEWOOD, not Cheltenham. It is important to preserve traffic flow on Olde Base Line Road.

The fence is only a temporary fixture. The parking lot will be built if we fail in our effort to prove that public consultation as mandated was ignored and that several Revised Statutes of Ontario have been violated.

June 2, 2015: More News Regarding the Badlands

Dear Residents,

The Region of Peel is meeting on June 11 at 9:30 AM at Regional Council in Bramalea, to discuss building a paved parking lot on the Badlands site —ON this rare and sensitive, identified area. That's right folks, they are going to literally pave over part of the land that they have declared in the public’s language, an environmental treasure!

Their Parking Study, done in March, 2009 stated that "consultation with the stakeholders" ... The Badlands Management Team ..."and the public - should be pursued in order to review the options before moving forward."

This never happened.

"Those people most affected by proposed changes must have access to information and opportunities to provide input to decisions that affect them." (Statement of Environmental Values, All Ministries.)

"The people of Ontario have the right to recognize the inherent value of the natural environment... and have a right to a healthful environment." (Ontario Environmental Bill Of Rights, 1994).

We, as a community, are greatly affected by what is being planned. We have to LIVE with the decisions made by those who represent us. Our safety should not be at risk in any way....... and it will be whenever the traffic is impeded on Olde Base Line Road which is the most direct route for the fire trucks and first responders to take to get to the top of the Escarpment in an emergency. If the community were involved in the process, would we actually have supported this plan? The lack of community input, inclusive planning and stewardship have lead to this incredible travesty being imposed on us.

Thank you, Bonnie Ledson

PS Please note: We do not know at what particular time of the Council Meeting this item will be discussed. For more information call 905-791-7800 (Region of Peel) one week prior to the meeting.

May 7, 2015: The Latest Developments Regarding the Badlands
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Development in Caledon and the Municipal Elections

As all of you are aware the CCC has always been supportive of good planning in Caledon. With the upcoming election of municipal representatives happening very soon, I think it is important for everyone of you to ask the candidates the important questions.

We are including a letter written by a Caledon resident in response to a Toronto Life magazine article. The author of the letter articulates very well how a lot of residents feel about Caledon and it's future.

download article

I ask you to please give it serious thought. Development is on the march from the south and also via the so called economic corridor 413!!!!Let's try to be the master of our own fate rather than sulking and moaning after the fact.

Belfountain Community Organisation ("BCO")

March 7, 2014

A new board of 15 directors was duly elected at the BCO's Feb. 19, 2014 Annual General Meeting. The following BCO Officers have been elected by the Board for the coming year:
- President, Jenni LeForestier, 519-927-5558 president@belfountain.ca
- External Vice-President, Judy Mabee, 519-316-0222 externalvp@belfountain.ca
- Internal Vice-President, Ian MacCallum, 519-927-7729 internalvp@belfountain.ca
- Treasurer, Robert Burr, 519-927-5359 treasurer@belfountain.ca
- Secretary, Darryl Mabee, 519-316-0222 secretary@belfountain.ca

BCO members in attendance at the AGM expressed their appreciation for the years of dedication of the former officers: David Jobe, Alan Seymour, Sarah Bohan and former directors; Linda and Brian Moorcroft and Carole Bellamy.

The meeting officially absorbed into the BCO the Belfountain Task Force (BTF) —a group of BCO members and supporters set up last year to oppose the proposed ORB development of 70+ houses on the south side of Belfountain. Henceforth the BCO will represent the community with a single united voice. While there will be considerable focus on stopping the ORB development, the BCO stressed that its numerous other traditional duties—ranging from heritage issues to the Salamander Festival—will retain a high priority.
The new Board is now up and running and able to effectively carry on business going forward. The new BCO board has met twice since the AGM and has started to create numerous Committees that will be responsible for the operations of the BCO.

The ORB Development
The ORB Development Committee is pleased to announce that the BCO has engaged the services of Dr. Ken Howard to review the hydrological impact of the development on the village and the environment. Dr Howard is the hydrologist who represented the Coalition of Concerned Citizens in their successful fight to stop the Rockfort Quarry and is knowledgeable of the hydrology of the area.

Population Growth For Caledon
Board members heard growth projections for the Town of Caledon that were disclosed at a standing-room-only Caledon Council meeting last Thursday evening (Feb. 20). The population of all of Caledon in the year 2016 is estimated to reach 70,000. By the year 2031 it is to hit 108,000. And a decade later, in 2041, it will range between 132,000 and 167,000 depending on which of five growth options are chosen. Under Option 5—the middle option with a total population of 146,000 in 2041—Bolton and Mayfield West (a new city already under construction at Hurontario and Mayfield) will each be 47,700 people. By way of comparison, Orangeville in 2011 totaled 28,000 residents.

Stay Informed
The BCO Board would like to stress the need for regular communication with the community through email, bulletin boards in the village and local establishments as well as our website. Contact is to be initiated with Caledon councillors, the NEC, the CVC, other hamlets and towns of Caledon, The Belfountain School, Belfountain Heritage Committee and environmental organizations such as Green Belt Action Plan and Eco Justice.

We look forward to hearing your input on the BCO and its activities and encourage anyone who in interested in participating in any initiative to get in touch with us.

Best Regards,
The BCO Board

February 6, 2014

Urgent Update on Belfountain Water and Orb Development

November 14, 2013

The Belfountain Task Force (BTF) is the result of a survey conducted January 16th at a meeting in the Belfountain Community Centre. The hall overflowed with some 150 local residents who expressed verbally and through the survey an overwhelming rejection of a development proposal put forward by ORB. That proposal seeks to erect some 75 houses on the 177-acre crescent on the south side of Belfountain between Mississauga Road and Shaw's Creek Road.

The BTF consists of concerned residents of Belfountain proper, Shaw's Creek, Bush Street, The Grange Sideroad, Caledon Mountain Drive, etc., who are opposed to the ORB development. The proposed sub-division would double the Belfountain population, put village wells at risk, impede wildlife corridors stretching from King Side Road to Highway 24, increase traffic during and after the years of construction, and gravely damage the rural beauty and culture of our community.

ORB (formerly Enterac) in large measure duplicates an Enterac proposal that was debated and adjusted several times from 1988 to 1991. Local opposition at that time prompted the formation of the Belfountain Community Planning Organization (BCPO) who carried the fight right to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). The original proposal of 98 lots shrank to 49 lots. But that development did not go forward due to lack of "proper consideration of environmental and heritage and planning issues," according to a Town of Caledon communication. Then in 2006, ORB proposed 66 lots with a community-shared water system—which was rejected by Peel Region on issues of water supply surety. The current re-issued ORB proposal intends 75 individual wells and septic systems.

The present-day Belfountain Community Organization (BCO) has chosen to focus on other issues in the community.

As of this week the BTF has asked the Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCC) for their help. The Coalition has agreed to post updates of the BTF on their website bulletins. This is to help the broader community keep informed and ultimately to help preserve the special rural aspect of our countryside.

In the coming weeks the BTF will be contacting every household in Belfountain village to carry out a survey based on the recommendations of our hydrologist on current water quality/quantity.

Brandon Ward, senior planner with Caledon planning department, confirmed last week that ORB has not thus far submitted a formal application for this development.

A huge thank you to those who initially gave their names and email addresses in January and subsequently in the September 28th drive. We look forward to your input and support in this campaign to maintain the beauty of our living environment.

Development Overlay:

YOUR VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD. Please contact BTF Chair, Grecia Mayers, at inkarri28@yahoo.ca or by phone at 519-927-3204.