“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.


A quick and very simplified historical background of the Rockfort application:


  • James Dick purchases Rockfort Farm at Winston Churchill and Olde Baseline. (Read letter from previous owner).
  • Town of Caledon begins Community Resource Study (CCRS).


  • James Dick informs community that he intends to mine dolostone at the site.
  • Coalition is formed because of the potential environmental degradation in the area.
  • OMB hearing re: Peel Region’s Official Plan and mineral aggregates. CCC participates.


  • James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL) submits application for dolostone quarry.
  • OMB directs Town of Caledon to continue CCRS study until completed.
  • CCC works with the community and all levels of Government, raising awareness.


  • Extensive Peer Reviews are undertaken on the application submitted for Rockfort.
  • CCRS continues; JDCL determines not to go to the OMB until the CCRS is done.


  • Completed CCRS creates a management plan for aggregate extraction in Caledon’s OPA 161, which is appealed to the OMB.
  • Oak Ridges Moraine Plan stalls process until new rules are decided.
  • Coalition participates in settlement talks of OPA 161 to encourage good planning.
  • OPA 161 on aggregate issues is settled and approved by OMB.

Fall 2003

  • The OMB finds that the applicant must have its case heard under the new tougher rules (OPA 161) as opposed to being grandfathered under the old rules. This was a precedent setting decision and a very important win for the Town and the Coalition.
  • JDCL must comply with OPA 161 and complete broader environmental studies with regard to water, wetlands, wildlife, etc.


  • Greenbelt Plan freezes zoning changes in Caledon for one year.
  • JDCL begins property assessments for the broader environmental study.
  • Next pre-hearing scheduled for Dec/04 for timeline update. This was deferred to 2005.


  • Greenbelt legislation passes. New Provincial Policy passes.
  • June OMB pre-hearing delayed because JDCL’s work is not yet complete. Draft Report submitted by JDCL.

Fall 2005

  • Town of Caledon, Credit Valley Conservation and Coalition find major deficiencies and lack of data from the work done so far by JDCL.


  • JDCL agrees to do more outstanding environmental studies, especially on water.


  • Two public forums are held on the Comprehensive Broader Scale Environmental Study (CBSES).
  • Final OMB hearing slated to start Sept 29th 2008?
  • October 25th – JDCL requested OMB hearing be delayed to May 2009, as they can’t complete the site specific work by end of 2007 or the CBSES requirements.
  • OMB agreed to new timetable where main hearing begins May 25, 2009.


  • Two Public Information Forums held to get community input on CBSES.
  • March 31st Final CBSES report submitted by James Dick Construction Ltd. (JDCL hired consultants to analyze water and environmental data for the Town of Caledon's "broader environmental study" in Aggregate Reserve Area 9A, which included lands JDCL wants to develop into an open pit mine. His application triggered the necessity for the CBSES - "Comprehensive Broader Scale Environmental Study" - under the Town’s policies. This involved data collection for ground and surface water, fisheries, and wildlife species. The report is available on the Town's website). 
  • Coalition invites politicians and decision makers on a CBSES Water Tour to illustrate the vast quantities and importance of water in the area that needs protection.
  • Final revised and updated site plans for Rockfort submitted July 31st.
  • OMB confirms main hearing will begin May 2009.
  • Coalition holds Information Evening for the public, November 19th.
  • November 11: The Town of Caledon Planning & Development Director presented the Rockfort Quarry Update to Council , which included "the initial results of the draft technical peer reviews of the Rockfort Quarry studies and reports and outlining a number of key upcoming milestones."
  • November 19: The Coalition held an Information Evening to update the community on what's been happening and what can be done going forward.
  • November 21: The Town of Caledon, The Region of Peel, Credit Valley Conservation and the Coalition of Concerned Citizens released Peer Reviews of the revised JDCL Site Plans.
  • December 10:  Town of Caledon held a Public Meeting to brief citizens on the fourth set of peer reviews and to receive input from the public on this application before it goes before Council. 


  • February 17:  Town of Erin Council votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • February 20: Credit Valley Conservation Board votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • March 3: Town of Caledon Council votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • March 12: Wellington County Planning Committee makes recommendation that the County of Wellington endorse the February 2009 position of the CVC Board on the Rockfort Quarry.
  • March 19: Niagara Escarpment Commission votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • March 26: County of Wellington votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • April 2: Peel Regional Council votes unanimously against the Rockfort Quarry.
  • April 2: James Dick Construction Ltd. advises that their lawyer is too sick to continue and requests a delay to September for the OMB Hearing.
  • September 15: OMB Hearing begins and is expected to take six months running four days a week.