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DAY 72 - MAY 11, 2010


Mr. Howard Malone
CV handed out: Science and engineering degree, Air Force service, graduate studies at University of Toronto.  Started his own firm Malone and Parsons, also Aerocan Aviation Specialists, worked at Pearson, a lot of work for general aviation, Planner for Buttonville Airport – member of various professional organizations. Taught flying at Centralia, has commercial license, Air Canada pilot, connection with the Brampton airport: daughter flew out of Brampton airport. He is qualified as a planner with emphasis on aviation.

  • I was contacted by JDCL counsel and asked to look at the issues raised by a citizen at the public forum.
  • I looked at published information about Brampton. Looked at specifics as to what was presented to the Board by Mr. Meandro. I revisited the Brampton airport, flew over Rockfort, and drove to Rockfort.
  • Conclusion: There is no impact on the safety of the airplanes due to the Rockfort quarry.
  • Brampton is a certified facility, 2 runways, very busy airport, some helicopters, very active flying school, museum.
  • The criteria for development procedures; i.e.– TP312- standards. Classified as a code 2 instrument facility.
  • Lowest approach is 500 feet, extends 4 km from the airport, the quarry is 8 km from the airport.
  • It is highly unlikely that aircraft will come close to Rockfort. The circle for approach is all within the 4km zone.
  • The Rockfort site is well outside the area of influence. Major routes out of Brampton head out over Orangeville.  Nowhere close to Rockfort.
  • Traffic should not be over Rockfort- 400 foot tower on Mississauga Road is more of an obstacle.
  • Spoke to Transport Canada re blasting, 3 areas of note right now, James Bay, Timmins, Kapuskasing.
  • Southern Ont. there are numerous quarries but generally speaking they are not on the flight map or in the book.
  • Quarries don’t show up on the aviation maps. Talked to an expert on blasting and was assured that there are specific controls about the noise that can be generated and therefore there is a lot of control. Material that is ejected might get up to 100 feet. The noise that they are allowed, is equal to a 32 km air rush. There would be very little impact on an aircraft that might fly by. No basis for lack of communication or compromising safety. Operator should give a notification schedule of blasting. It is the pilot’s responsibility to educate himself.

Cross Exam:

  • One of the runways is directly in the direction of Rockfort…did you detail whether any aircraft continue to fly in that direction?
    --No I did not- since the vast majority head off to the north to Orangeville.
  • Madam Chair would like The CCC to put this witness statement on the website. Mr. Webb agreed.
    • Aerocan Aviation Specialists Report on Findings Regarding Possible Impacts of Proposed Rockfort Quarry on Aviation Activities at Brampton Airport.
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