“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.
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DAY 69 - MAY 4, 2010


Lay Witnesses, Participants and people that weren't able to present at the OMB Public Session on April 19th gave statements regarding impacts of the proposed Rockfort Quarry. 

A "Lay Witness" is someone giving testimony, who is not a professional expert but has a statement to make before the Board.

A "Participant" is a person or group who wishes to bring their concerns forward but is not taking a full party status before the Board and may not cross- examine witnesses. (Example: in this hearing the Niagara Escarpment Commission is a participant)

The following witness statements were filed before the Board and are provided for your information only, and express the concerns of the people making them.

Don Lobb - Lay Witness statement 
CV outstanding service award in 1993 from the University of Guelph, Pesticide committee, served as expert witness in land use issues in Halton. Location of property is on Mississauga Rd at Boston Mills Rd. Searched for property in 1998. Turned down a property at Winston Churchill and Olde Base because of quarry application. Thought haul route was going along Olde Base.

  • Questions: Mississauga carries a heavy load of traffic? You did your own study?
    --Yes on April 13, 2010.  Surveyed from 5-9 am  and 4-6 pm and checked off every vehicle and details: 6:15 to 8:am 1100 cars, 9 school buses, 22 heavy vehicles
    4-6pm about the same number. 
  • Can you indicate where the trails are located?
    --Bruce trail crosses right at our property and the Trans Canada crosses at the old railway line.
  • Is there a bicycle lane on Mississauga?
    --No.  I am concerned about stray trucks which is not unusual in this situation.
  • Are you aware of Brampton Brick?
  • Does that shale quarry have any impact on you or your property?
    --No it does not.
  • Are there any other matters of concern to you?
    --Yes there is the safety of the roads and property values.

Cross Examination:

  • When you operated your gravel pit I take it the gravel was taken out by trucks?
    --Yes that is right
  • When did you purchase your property?
    --July 98
  • Did you investigate other haul routes?
    --No we dismissed other routes.
  • Were you aware that Mississauga is a regional Rd.?
  • Were you aware that Olde Base Line was a regional road?
  • Has there been some improvement to these roads since you purchased?
  • Winston Churchill has been hard topped since 1998?
  • Are you aware that Peel and Halton have been working on the network of roads around the 2 regions?
    --No I am not
  • You spoke about commuter traffic through the area- has it increased over the years?
    -- I could not speak to that
  • You speak about near accidents. Collision analysis- Vast majority are single auto collisions? Do you know what that is?
    --Yes I do. Most of the accidents have to do with deer.  What I was referring to was near accidents.
  • Were you aware that traffic consultants have given their opinion on this and would that cause you to change your opinion?
    --No I see what goes on first hand
  • You speak of supplies being available elsewhere?
    -Yes that is area 5b.
  • Do you have any idea how trucks would get to this area?
    --Yes via Hwy 24

Jim Reid - Participant Statement  

  • Where is your property?
    --East of Rockside Rd and south of Olde Base Line.
  • You made reference to the Jefferson Salamander?
    -– I have not seen it but UofGuelph and MNR have evidence of it on our property.
  • This tax program - how long has it been in effect?
    -- At least 16 years.
  • Are you a participant?
    --We have been participants since its inception.
  • In your statement you say that taxpayers have made a considerable investment. Do you have any idea how much that is?
    -- I can not get a solid figure on that.
  • Do you have any other concerns?
    --I do have many concerns. I work as a professional artist and I work from the landscapes in which I live.

Cross Examination by Mr. Buhlman:

  • Are you aware of the status of the MNR opinion now?
    -No I am not.
  • Are you aware of the CVC testimony and what Mr. Murphy had to say?
    -- Yes part of it.
  • Are you aware that he said it was slanted?
    -- I am aware that different experts have different opinions.

Gerry Meinzer - Lay Witness Statement

Cross Exam:

  • You are the founding member of the GTAA?
  • You understand the importance of aggregate?
    --Yes of course
  • You say that the damage will be irreparable?
    --Yes I do. Are you aware that the recharge wells are working at Milton?
    Objection by Mr Garrod that it has not been established how well they are working.
    --Answer: No, I’m not aware.
  • You say there will be damage from blasting?
  • How do you know this?
    --Common Sense- I have cracks in the home from ordinary shifting.

Mrs. Lynne Dole - Lay Witness

  • You now live in Erin?
    --I moved there from Rockfort.
  • Did you write your own statement?
  • You listed the property for sale and it was a working farm?
  • The buildings had seen better times?
    --No there was only one building in bad shape. The barns were in good repair.
  • All communication took place through the real estate agent?
    There was a lease for you to live on the property for 3 years?
  • To exit your home, you go on the 9th line. And then Bush St. and it is the haul route for 2 gravel pits?

Willa Gauthier - Lay Witness Statement 

  • Further 1000 trucks per day?
    -- It comes from an early report.
  • Real estate values: I believe there is quite a serious threat to real estate values- see Jamie Gairdner’s report of April 12th.  There is a public perception that development is treated in a more positive way.

Cross Exam by Tzekas:

  • When did you move?
    --My home is as permanently here as it is in Toronto. It’s about a 50/50 split.
  • You are a disgruntled neighbour?
    -- Yes that’s right most people were inspired by the fears of loss of personal enjoyment and real estate values- but now there are very different reasons.
  • Loss of community? You speak of Caledon as one of the greenest communities. Do you know how many gravel pits are in Caledon? 
    --Yes, many.  There is a big difference between this application and others.
  • Traffic issue: There are many trucks to go along Winston Churchill – Madam Chair says the Board understands that the existing traffic has no connection with the application.
  • The community has come together over the last 13 years?
    -– People have rallied and got to know one another.
  • The attraction of athletes to the area?
    --Palgrave is 40 minutes from my house.
  • So it is quite far away?

Mr. Webb: 

  • Can you advise us to the nature of the pits near you?
  • Connection of Palgrave and the esquestrian community?
    – Yes there is a real connection between the horse community and this centre.

Dan Mattimoe - Lay Witness Statement

  • You purchased in 2003?
    -- Yes
  • Much of the impact information was not available at the time.
    --I am concerned that chemicals used in the grout curtain will leech into the surrounding water. No regional tests for chemicals. The testing is complicated.
  • The chemical contaminants could go undetected for a long time?
    -- It will only be when you can get symptoms and until a lot of citizens come up with the same thing that investigations might begin looking for a cause. Many chemicals can go undetected for a long time.

Cross Exam by JDCL lawyer:

  • What reports have you read?
    -- The CBSES and I attended all the public meetings.
  • What is your basis for your concerns?
    -- I worry about using chemicals for the grouting
  • Are you aware of the certificates to take water, and the MOE permits needed?

Ron Bellamy - Public Speaker Statement