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DAY 32 - DECEMBER 3, 2009


Thursday, December 3  - Evidence in Chief of James Parkin continues

There was some discussion initially about NEC and MNR not being parties but participants and there was a comment from the Chairperson that there are consequences as a result of your status before the Board.

Mr Parkin basically continued to go through the Planning Justification Report highlighting various segments. He reviewed the PPS history and made reference to the past 30 years of aggregate policy and concluded by saying that “make available” was the key issue and that had been carried forward into the Official Plans of the Region and Caledon both of which outlined a clear mechanism for development of aggregate resources.

He went through the policies in the OP’s and talked about the environmental,economic and social factors that influenced their development and how Rockfort satisfied these particular policies as outlined.He pointed that re natural heritage features there would be no loss of feature or function hence there would be no measureable impact. He said Greenbelt legislation does not apply as the application was submitted previous to and in any event the rehabilitated site would contribute to the Green belt objectives.