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CBSES Public Information Forum

Source :  Coalition of Concerned Citizens

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2008



Caledon, ON – The Comprehensive Broader Scale Environmental Study (CBSES) Public Information Forum was held January 22, 2008.   


Purpose of meeting: Third and final public consultation meeting for the CBSES in Caledon, with regard to the Aggregate Resource Area 9-A, which includes the proposed Rockfort Quarry lands. 


Attendance:  Despite heavy snow and emergency road blocks—over 120 people turned out (not including the Agencies or JDCL people).


Following are some of the Coalition of Concerned Citizen’s observations and comments made by the public at the meeting:


Key Issues Raised During the Evening

  • The Town of Caledon, Region of Peel and Credit Valley Conservation have just released a 20 page report outlining their concerns with the Part C report produced by James Dick Construction Ltd (JDCL)   (report is on the Town of Caledon website).
  • There is a lack of a social impact study which is required by the Town's OPA 161 in the official plan. Will JDCL provide one?
  • The report from JDCL has no risk management plan for various mitigation failures. What are the detailed steps that will be taken if mitigation fails?
  • There is a lack of discussion in the report about the ecological fragility of the Study Area.
  • Where is the compensation to citizens for the millions of dollars lost in property values if an application is granted at the OMB?
  • Citizens were questioning that JDCL will only pay 11.5 cents per tonne in license fees between Caledon, The Region and The Province for a non-renewable resource. Caledon's share would only be six cents per tonne annually.
  • Lack of accountability; i.e., who will pay for long term monitoring, and decades of pumping during and after extraction occurs.
  • Questions of who will pay for liability if the whole project fails? Numbered companies tend to not carry many assets. Will JDCL's whole operation and company officers be held personally responsible?
  • The public questioned how thorough an understanding JDCL had of where and how the water moves through fractured rock in the area and how that will impact residential wells and streams in the CBSES.

The position of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens is that this industrial development proposal for a new open pit mine, sited in a beautiful and environmentally sensitive area, is inappropriate land use planning.



For additional information, contact: 

Penny Richardson, President; or

Lorraine Symmes, Director

Coalition of Concerned Citizens