“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

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Municipal Elections & Development in Caledon

CCC Response to Cornerstone Report
March 2014


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Report to Town of Caledon from Planning Staff
February 26, 2009

Town of Caledon
Public Information Meeting
December 10, 2008

November 21, 2008

CCC Info Night
November 19, 2008
Town of Caledon

Rockfort Quarry Update
November 11, 2008

Golf Tournament Photos
September 12, 2009

Water Tour - April 4, 2008

CBSES Public Forum
January 22, 2008

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The Coalition of Concerned Citizens is committed to ensuring good land use planning in Caledon - particularly associated with defeating the Rockfort Quarry application.


Hello CCC supporters! It's been a long time and no messages!

During the past year it has come to our attention that there might be issues concerning the Belfountain, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta and Inglewood areas (now or in the future) of which the local residents might not be aware. The CCC Board of Directors has decided to enable particular groups to describe the issue of concern and post it on the News Page of the CCC website in the "Community Bulletin Board" section. A quick link is also provided under Latest News on the Home Page.

Where the CCC has an opinion or stance on a particular issue, we will voice it. However if we are not up to speed on a particular issue we will indicate that with a disclaimer. These postings are simply to make you, the local resident aware of possible changes to this incredible region that might eventually effect or concern you personally.

There are 2 issues of which we are now aware.

The first one is the Environmental Assessment of the following roads.... It is a rectangle covering: Winston Churchill from Bush St to Olde Base Line, Olde Base Line from Winston Churchill to Mississauga Rd, Mississauga Rd from Olde Base to Bush St. and of course Bush St. from Mississauga to Winston Churchill. A group has been formed, headed up by some residents on Winston Churchill as they are concerned that the Region of Peel would like to turn Olde Base Line, Winston Churchill and Mississauga Rd south into a Truck Haul Route. Representatives of the CCC have been attending the Region of Peel meetings and are very concerned re this proposal. Please stay tuned for an update from this group in the near future, regarding this situation. What the CCC does know at this time is that there will be a resident meeting on Nov 20/13 at the Caledon Golf Club on Olde Base Line to discuss the tweaking of the roads, the possible changes to some driveways, the reconstruction of the roads and the need to acquire some land from residents! Please mark your calendars for this meeting and we'll send you more details as we know them.

The second issue is the proposed residential development near Belfountain. The CCC is certainly not up to speed on this one. A description of the proposal and an update as to what has been happening re this application will also appear on the website authored by the citizens who are investigating any possible negative impacts.

We trust that you will find this new section helpful and hope that you will continue to inform yourselves and support efforts to protect our countryside, as you have so ably done in the past...

Many thanks for reading now and in the future,
Penny Richardson


CCC members Willa Gauthier, Lillie Ann Morris, Penny Richardson, Lorraine Symmes and Cat Cybulski (CEAC).
Photo by Tom Kumagai,SNAP Caledon

Coalition receives
Caledon Environmental Advisory Committee's
"Environmentalist of the Year" award,
April 18, at the Caledon annual
Volunteer and Citizen Achievement Awards ceremony.
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(Nov 15, 2010) The Coalition of Concerned Citizens of Caledon applauds the Ontario Municipal Board decision having to do with the James Dick Construction Limited Rockfort Quarry application for an open pit dolostone mine at Winston Churchill and Olde Baseline in the Town of Caledon. Official OMB decision: Read more

(Dec 14, 2010) There will be NO APPEAL to the OMB decision. It's over. We won! Thank you to everyone who helped along the way.

OMB Hearing Reports
These reports are highlights only and one person's paraphrased interpretation of what occurred. Read more

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Your support – volunteering, attending meetings and contributing financially via garage sales, golf tournaments, special events and our capital campaign – has been vital in helping the Coalition present a winning case at the OMB and we say "Thank you"!

Stopping the Rockfort Quarry has helped protect our water and countryside now and for future generations.